Four Swords Adventures

The text in the FSA ROM is compressed, making it much more difficult to rip it and display it properly. Here are several formatted dumps created by Iron Knuckle for the Euro ROM. It turns out however that this disc also contains all the Japanese dialogues as well (I don't know Japanese very well so Tetra's Trackers might be in there too). I could have created one huge comparison table for all languages (assuming that Euro English is the same as US English). But unfortunately, I don't know how to get the Shift JIS Japanese together with the other dumps, because some accented characters glitch if you set the encoding to shift JIS.

There are some interesting things to say about the unused data. First off all it turns out that in the Language select a 6th option was available called: "Nederlands" (Dutch; it's even there in Japanese as "Orandajin"). It appears to be that this game was supposed to be translated in this language too, but that never happened. Furthermore some languages such as Italian didn't translate all the dialogues. Also there are many pieces of English in the other foreign language dumps, hence I might conclude that these were to be used for Tetra's Trackers.

Finally there are a few characters which I could not decode. These appear as "[?]" through the dialogues. If anybody knows which characters they correspond to please mail me. Special thanks goes to labmaster from for the hint on how to tackle FSA's compression scheme.

European Version

Formatted Text Dumps (.TXT Format):
Formatted Text Dumps (.HTML Format):
European Language Comparison Table
If it wasn't for the technicality with Shift-JIS characters this table would be complete including Japanese, but until I can find an easy (read: non-manual) way to get this done, we'll have to stick with this.

Japanese Version

Formatted Text Dumps (.TXT Format): This Japanese dump originates from the PAL Euro ROM, but I doubt the data is any different than what is found on the Japanese game disc.

Formatted Text Dumps (.HTML Format): See comments above.