Complete Hand-Drawn Maps

You might have difficulty understanding why it is that certain landmarks are included in some maps and not in others. I can tell you over and over that these landmarks are simply off the map, but that might not help you visualize the point. So, since a picture is worth a thousand words, I have drawn and scanned several maps for your viewing pleasure. There are three maps: one of Hyrule during the OoT time period, one of Hyrule in ALttP, and one of Hyrule in LoZ. These three maps contain all of Hyrule's landmarks, so you can see where everything is from game to game even though they aren't always on the in-game map. I constantly referenced all of the game maps when I drew these maps, but I know that they still aren't perfect and won't satisfy everyone. Nevertheless, they illustrate my observations on Hyrule's geography fairly well. Click on a link below and the map will open up in a new window.

 Hand-Drawn Maps 
OoT Map (532KB)
ALttP Map (494KB)
LoZ Map (464KB)