Link Wins Back the First Triforce Fragment

As Link traveled through Hyrule, following Impa's directions, he realized nervously that he had no sword. Although he had been able to save Impa, would he be able to save himself when he faced tougher enemies? He entered a cave to rest, and inside found an old man. The old man was opposed to Ganon's evil reign, and offered Link a sword to fight Ganon's henchmen with. Grateful for the hospitality, Link thanked him and moved on.

The first labyrinth on Impa's map was the Eagle Labyrinth. Link followed Impa's directions, but all he saw were several dead tree stumps on an island. The one in the center looked a little odd, though. The hole in the side looked almost like a gaping mouth...

This was the only clue Link needed. Fearlessly bidding farewell to the bright Overworld, Link walked into the evil-looking stump. Inside he found a section of the Underworld, a dark, dank labyrinth full of bats, Goriyas, and Stalfos'. Link fought the devilish monsters, and stole a boomerang from one of the defeated Goriyas. Link found that this labyrinth was indeed fashioned in the shape of an eagle.

Link finds Triforce piece Before long he entered the lair of huge, green dragon: Aguamentus. This vicious dragon, called a unicorn by some, spit fire at Link. Link bravely dodged the fire and went for the dragon's head. Aquamentus could not withstand the blows, and with one last roar, the dragon was defeated. The door to the next room opened, and Link went inside. There he found what he had been looking for: the first of eight fragments of the Triforce of Wisdom. Clutching the golden prize in his hands, Link was taken back to the Overworld.