Link's Quest is Half Completed

Link launched his raft from a dock in Hyrule's large lake, and headed toward a large island in the middle of the lake. On this island was the fourth labyrinth Impa Vire had marked on his map, Snake. The inside of this labyrinth gleamed golden like the sands of the desert. Link fought Vires, demons which split up into two Keeses when attacked. As Link delved deeper and deeper into this labyrinth, it slowly became darker and darker. In time, the utter darkness prevented Link from going on. At this point, Link remembered something he had bought from a merchant while he was traveling around Hyrule, but had packed away and forgotten: a blue candle. This magical candle could shoot out flame, which would light up a room upon hitting a wall.

Link dove deeper into the heart of the labyrinth, fighting off an army of Vires and Keeses. Finding a ladder, Link was now able to walk across treacherous gaps. He fought another Manhandla, but it did not guard a piece of the Triforce. He stumbled upon a wise man's hideout, and its inhabitant advised him to "walk into a waterfall." Link wasn't quite sure what this meant, but thanked the old man. Soon Link found the lair of the labyrinth's guardian monster, a two-headed Gleeok's Head dragon named Gleeok. Avoiding the dragon's fire, Link destroyed one of the green dragon's heads. This decapitated head didn't die, but turning red, flew above Link's head, and continued to spit fire at him. Link destroyed the other head, and only then was the monster destroyed. Link now had four pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom, and was well on his way to getting the next four.