Link Battles an Evil Dinosaur

Flushed with victory, the young, ambitious Link looked at where Impa had told him to go next. The second labyrinth, Moon, was located in a forest in eastern Hyrule. There was no disguising the entrance this time: the green reptilian face, with its mouth gaping wide open, sharp teeth exposed, was very conspicuous. Some statues in front looked a bit scary. Until he touched one, Link didn't realize that they were armed and dangerous Armos statues, soliders who had been turned to stone. After one encounter with one of these living statues, Link learned to avoid waking them whenever possible.

Blue Goriya Link walked into the ferocious reptile's dark mouth, and descended into a labyrinth lit with an eery blue light, not unlike the moon. Cold-blooded reptiles ruled this realm, along with icy blue Goriyas. Defeating a roomful of these blue nightmares, Link was rewarded with a magical boomerang, which could be thrown long distances. As he tramped through the labyrinth, Link fought off swarms of Ropes, poisonous snakes which rushed him at first sight.

Entering one room, Link's eyes were dazzled by the golden radiance of sand. Out of the hot tundra sprung two Moldorms, huge worms that grew smaller as Link attacked. Link fought them off and got a key in return. Pressing on, Link came across an old man's shelter. This old man told Link the secret of defeating the labyrinth's evil monster: the Dodongo did not like smoke.

Armed with this clue, Link approached the room that reverberated with the Dodongo Dodongo's frightful roars. Dodongo's bark was worse than his bite, however: Link tricked the slow dinosaur into eating a few bombs, and the monster's stomach could not take the punishment. Victorious once again, Link claimed his prize: another fragment of the Triforce of Wisdom.