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The return of Ganondorf (WW), and Vaati part two: Ridley revived…again. And Zero Suit Samus joins forces with the good guys.

By Link_Rules_All
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Chapter 1: Ch.1: Ridley and Zero Suit Samus revived.

Authors Note: as with all my other ficcys there will be any additional notes at the bottom of the page, also I do not want to keep writing “Zero Suit Samus” every time Zero Suit Samus talks, so I will refer to her as just plain old Samus, the same goes with Dark Zero Suit Samus, I will refer to her as Dark Samus. Kays? Also please read part one first. The title for part one is “the return of Ganondorf (WW), and Vaati!!! And then the utter defeat of them too. LOL XD!!! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!!!”

Naranu and the others had continued their search for the Ground Blade, the only remaining Elemental Blade, with no luck. During that time Wolf Naranu, renamed Wolf, joined the team. They had been searching for three months. During that time Ganondorf and Vaati made a plan to revive the Space Pirate, Meta Ridley. Now Wolf and Naranu were in hot pursuit of Ganondorf, as they raced to re-seal Meta Ridley’s prison on the volcanic planet Norfair. “Oh no he’s beaten us to the Dimensional Gate.” said Naranu as him and Wolf ran up to an open Dimensional Gate.


“Well here we are, Norfair.” said Naranu walking through the Dimensional Gate. Naranu noticed a woman, about twenty-two the same age as Shadow, wearing a Blue Jumpsuit, with a glowing, purple design on the back. “Samus!!!” screamed Naranu running up to Samus Aran, Bounty Hunter, friend to Naranu and Masara, and Hero.

“Na-ran-u.” said Samus weakly. “Help me.” she said.

“Wolf we need to get Samus to Masara.” said Naranu.

No, not Wolf!!!” screamed Samus.

“He’s not Wolf o’ Donnel, its Wolf me he’s been Purified.” said Naranu.

“right.” said Samus climbing on Wolf.


Masara we need Medical Attention NOW!!!” screamed Naranu as him and Wolf, with Samus on his back, ran up to his and Masara’s mansion.

Masara came out five minutes later to see the now beaten up and bloody and dying Samus.

Oh my Goddess!!! Samus what the hell happened to you?!?” screamed Masara.

“Meta Ridley that’s what.” said Samus coughing up blood. “hurry.” she said.

“Right.” said Masara gathering up Medical Chakra, which was Green, and running her hands over Samus’s body six times. After the sixth time Samus was fully healed…

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Link_Rules_All says:

well here's part two. ^^ oh! and the description is WRONG on a pairing, i mis-typed, i was half-asleep yes i sleep in BIG TIME!!! i ment the "Zero Suit SamusXVio" Pairing to be "Zero Suit SamusXShadow". kays?

kentill(linksdaughter) says:

awesome story can't wait for more!

Link_Rules_All says:

thx, ^^