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In the Land of Legends

By Moonlight Princess
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Chapter 1: Prologue and Chapter One


A baby's wail echoed through the hall way and a cheer shook the castle walls. It was the first born child of the King and Queen and its birth was to be highly celebrated.

"It's a girl! The Queen call's her Zelda!" the maid cried into the corrider.

King Alexander rubbed his chin thoughtfully. He had wished for a son but really, all-in-all it made no difference. The first born would be ruler if a boy did not "come-along" in the future.

"There's another child!" came from the room were the Queen was giving birth.

He picked up his head and stared eagerly down the hallway.

Thirty minutes passed. . .

Silence made itself heard as everyone waited. There was scream and a young servant girl rushed down the way, prostrating herself at Alexander's feet.

"Sir," her voice shook slightly as if she were frightened, "The next child was also female but. . ."

"Spit it out, girl!" He said, bothered by her obvious nervousness.

"It was born a Shadow Child." she whispered.

His eyes bulged and he glared at the girl, his lip curling,
"Dispose of it! I will not have a thing of evil about!"

"We can't!" she sobbed, " It. . .it carries the Triforce."

Another baby's wail filled the tense silence but no one cheered. Somewhere in the distance thunder growled.

Chapter One

I lay in my bedroom glaring at the ceiling. The walls were a ruby red, the floor with black carpeting and the drapes, you guessed it, black.

Just because I was a "Shadow Child" everyone assumed I loved black. Let me tell you, it makes for some depressing times for your room to look like you live in the morgue. I stuck my tongue out at the cieling and rolled my blood-red eyes.

I was stuck here though.

I was sent to my chambers after this morning when I went to get some breakfast. Zelda had also been making her way there and had made a very bright comment that had the word "mutt" mixed in.

I had been escorted to my room with long strands of blonde hair clutched in my hands and my gray tunic ripped from the hem to my thigh.

After I had replaced it with a magenta tunic, I scraped my curly black hair into a ponytail and yanked on some "borrowed" boy's boots.

I yawned. A quick escape through the window was tempting me and I walked, while stretching, to it.

"How did you get here?" came Zelda's high, sickeningly sweet voice from the courtyard. I peered down at the entrance and my eyes widened in suprise.

A boy, armed with a sword, was making his way towards Zelda. I took a wild jump out the window and landed with a rough roll in front of my sister.

"Rosalynn! What are you doing?" Her voice was angry and low and blush creeped onto her pale cheeks. The boy's eyes widened in suprise and he grinned nervously.

I crouched and turned my hands palms forward as he took another step.

"Come any closer and I will kick your-" I started but Zelda grabbed the back of my tunic and threw me to the side.

"Let the boy talk!" She hissed and I glared at her, brushing myself off but still in defense mode.

The boy looked between me and Zelda, a fascinated look on his face.


A fairy shot out of his floppy green hat and flitted between me and Zelda talking rapidly, " We're from the Kokori Forrest! I'm Navi and this is Link!"

Link brushed his long blonde bangs to the side and exasperated look on his face.

"I came to present this to you,Princess Zelda." He handed her a shining green stone.

"And to ask for your assistance, Princess Rosalynn."

I stared at him.


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