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Unreal Future

By Guardian
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Chapter 3: A Spartan's Questions

(This is what happened while Link was passed out.)

The Master Chief looked down at the boy and quickly realized he was bleeding in the stomach. The Spartan cursed " Shit he's going to bleed out." He took out a canister, pulled out the tube, and slowly pushed the tube inside the kids stomach and ejected bio-foam. The boy grunted in pain then groaned. The Master Chief then bandaged him up and said " You should feel better later Who ever you are." Checked the kid to make sure if he was injured anywhere else and said " Well your clean, but shit I'm surprised you survive." Picked him up and walked to the building in front of him. The battle was over with only four marines dead, and twenty Covenant dead. Sounded like a trade-off, but was it really? They where still dead no matter what they did. As he climbed the stairs to the top of the building the boy squirmed a bit on his shoulders.

"Do you know who he his Chief?" A female voice sounded in his speakers. The Chief replied " Your asking the wrong person Cortana" as he set the kid down. Sargeant Avery Johnson saw the Chief and walked to him with a assault rifle in his hand and questioned "What happened to this kid Chief?" The Spartan answered " He took on a Elite and you can see the results." Johnson asked "Is he alive? Or dead?" The Spartan answered " He's got a steady pulse." looked at the sarge and said "Damn lucky to survive." The Sarge looked at the kid again and said "What's with his ears Chief? And what kind of clothes is he wearing anyway? Looks like something back then when there where knights or something." The Chief grunted and said" You remember all that shit Johnson? Thats centuries ago." Johnson laughed and said "Kinda hard if you don't. I got AI's shovin info. up my ass a lot. He's built too. He might be one helluva soldier if we train him." Cortana broke in and said "I got a Covenant dropship on my radar Chief." The Master Chief looked at Johnson and said " Get the troops ready for a fight. We can question about this guy later." Johnson nodded then shouted " OK, you heard the man! Get ready! Reload those guns! Check your grenades! We got damn fight to win!" Now Mendoza take point!" The sarge started to run down the stairs to get a good position.

The Chief started to leave paused and looked at the boy again thought about what he should do with him. The Spartan picked him up and set him aside between two pillars so he won't be seen or hurt while he was away. Cortana said to the Chief through his speakers " You have feelings for him don't you?" The Spartan answered " Yeah, but makes me feel weird though. It's like I'm supposed to meet that boy." Cortana chuckled and said " Ohh, how cute the tough Spartan has feelings." The Master Chief shot back " Don't you? What about Dr. Halsey your creator? Don't you feel sorry for that she died on Reach? Your lucky I can't yank that processor chip out of my helmet and shoot it!" Cortana chuckled again and said " Oh, but you need me to hack into the Covenant systems." One more thing I did feel sorry when that happened. Though she wasen't the only one you cared about isn't it?"

The Chief didn't answer that question. He felt bad already that he sent his team to their deaths on Reach. He vowed to see the Covenant lose this war and would spare no covenant soldier even if they couldn't fight no more. So he decided to not talk about it anymore and prepare for Covenant that was heading his way.

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Koroks Rock says:

You need to seperate each new speaker into their own paragraph. Whenever someone new speaks, it starts a new paragraph.

Guardian says:

Okay thanks, I do that in the next chapter.

star_breaker says:

Now I'm REALLY confused!!!