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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 19: Chapter 18: Evil's Children

A/N: Time for peoples to starting moving around again - that is such an annoying habit...why can't they just sit still? I recieved an email requesting a recap...seems there are a few confused readers out ther...hahahahha - no - not only would that take too much time, not to mention space - I'll just cover the last chapter...I'll think about editing the others...but don't get your hopes up

Recap: Chapter 17 starts with Al (yeah the guy with three names) anyway he decides he needs to hide the pretty his sister left with him - so he does

Tetra and Niko make their way through the Earth Temple - Tetra is learning she has a plethora of unused information in her head - so puts some of it to use...and writes a letter for the earth sage. Don't ask how she did it - chalk it up to a weird magiky sort of thing...

The chapter ends with Medli (earthsage) enlisting the help of Komali and Quill. To this day I have no idea what Tetra wrote in that letter - she never told me so I'm in the dark along with you on that one. When the two Rito arrive Medli shows them the letter that Tetra wrote. But more to the point is... Medli finds a way to get Tetra and Niko where they needs to be (go me)

So with out further fan fare:

Chapter 18
Evil's Children

Link spun the staff through a last series of moves, when an idea came to him. With a slight turn of his wrist, he caught the stick on the ground and while it ricocheted back, he reversed his grip and the stick's momentum finally caught Saimon. He'd watched Orca do it hundreds of times, but hadn't been able to pull it off until now. The fairy spun wildly for a moment, then righted, and flew back at him at top speed. Link was only just able to duck out of the way in time.

He hadn't picked up a bo for a few years, as most seemed a little awkward to him. This one though, felt good in his hands. Link smiled when he remembered the times he'd hit the ground to do the reverse and only managed to smack his own head in the attempt. Saimon made another pass and Link ducked again. He also decided he better not push his luck with that and put an end to his practice for the time being.

He held the stick out in front of him and examined it closely. The graining gave the appearance of wood but the material felt much stronger. Not metal though, too light. The ends were tipped with what looked like bronze, but again, couldn't be. Link could see out of the corner of his eye that Saimon's glow was taking on an angry red tinge, but ignored him and continued to examine the staff. Pretty plain as these things went, some small engravings and carvings but not much else, maybe Saimon could read it for him.

Well no time for that now, he thought, just have to puzzle that out later. As Link jammed the staff into the ground the area directly around him began to shake. He let go of it in surprise and promptly fell to the ground until the shaking ceased. Saimon laughed and buzzed around his face until he waved a hand at the fairy to get him to stop. "You knew that was going to happen didn't you." Saimon stopped laughing and ducked into his hat. "It's a wonder Al's still alive, with that one helping him."

Link sat up and brushed the dirt from his clothes. He stopped when he realized that while he still held the staff he wasn't affected by the quake. He stood up and took a closer look at the spot where his hand last held the staff. An odd circular carving with an impression of a wavy line running through the middle caught his attention and Link focused a bit of magic at the spot with the tip of his finger. The leaves on the trees nearby rustled. He pulled the staff out of the ground and studied it closely for any others. He was only able to find two more placed near each end. The first looked like a lightening bolt and the other bore a strange resemblance to wind pattern he'd seen so often while collecting the Triforce shards; four crescent moons arranged in a tight circle. He was pretty sure if he held on to the staff while invoking them he would be safe, but decided he better wait, since he'd no idea what would happen if he did.

"Hey!" a muffled voice called.

Link continued to scrutinize the staff but answered, "Yeah Saimon?"

"We have to go!"

"Yes and we will, soon."

"No, we have to leave now! Dalkin needs me!"

Link pulled the hat off his head and Saimon emerged bright yellow with worry. "Yes he does," Link said, "but we don't know where he is, do we."

"The big fish said north." Saimon said and turned an angry red color.

"No, the big fish said they sailed north," Link said as he started toward the shore, "That doesn't mean they continued that way." Link double checked his hand position and stuck the staff upright in the sand. As he walked toward the King of Red Lions he unbuckled his sheath pulled out his sword. He stowed it together with the shield in the boat's small hold. He walked back on to the beach with the sheath still in his hand and sat down to begin the process of converting if for use with the staff.

"What are you doing now?" Saimon asked.


Saimon reverted back to his normal light blue hue and drifted into a sickly yellow one. "Will it take long?"

"Only if you keep interrupting me," Link said and Saimon retreated once again. Link shook his head and returned his attention to the sheath and worked on it until he was satisfied the staff would remain in place. He got up and walked back over to staff while he put it on. The sheath, a gift from Orca, was one of Link's favorite pieces of equipment. No matter what size sword he placed in it, the sheath adjusted to it. It's angle was always just right, though Link sometimes thought Orca gave it to him so he wouldn't accidentally slice off his ear. His changes were minor but thought it might be awkward so decided he'd better practice pulling it out anyway. He pulled the staff out of the ground and inserted it into the sheath.

Surprised by the ease with which he managed it, he reached behind his back to check how much of the staff would be sticking out, and discovered only a few inches protruded from the base. The top only cleared as far as the pommel of his sword would have. "Thank you Orca," he said as he practiced.

"Can we go now?" Saimon said in a plaintive squeak. Link took one last look around and nodded. Saimon brightened and flew over to the boat to wait. Link climbed aboard and guided the boat out of the tiny bay. When they reached open water Link leaned forward and whispered into one of the boats carved ears, "So which way did they go?"

"Why are you talking to your boat?

"Shhh," Link said as he held up a hand to the fairy. Saimon returned to his perch on top of Link's hat. Link sat back and waited and whether by the wind or current, the boat turned to face a southeasterly direction. Link immediately knew what the boat was trying to show him. Ganon's Tower was in that area. Well, he thought, first things first and he pulled out the Wind Waker and conducted the Ballad of Gales. Link had stopped wondering where the Wind Waker drew it's magic from, but whenever he used the baton, the rush of magic it called could leave him a little light headed. Saimon squeaked and ducked into his hat when the fairy noticed a large cyclone coming down on them from the otherwise blue sky. It wrapped itself around the boat and Link fixed a mental picture of Mother and Child Island in his head as the boat lifted from the water.

Hell Below

Tetra turned toward the door in time to see Medli, Quill and another rather tall Rito enter the room. Quill stopped in his tracks and was stared at them, while the other, taller Rito read the letter she's written to the Earth Sage. She glanced at Niko and noticed he was staring off in another direction all together, eyes wide. Tetra followed his line of sight and her mouth dropped open too. A short distance away, a ghostly figure stood and held an exact copy of the harp Medli now wore on her back. Tetra looked back over at the Ritos, their conversation was getting rather lively and they did not seem to notice this new arrival. Niko tugged at her vest and she returned her attention to him and almost tripped over him as she stepped back. The figure, which she decided was female, was now only a few feet away. She was tall and willowy, with pale blue limbs that flowed as if she were underwater. Tetra immediately thought of one of the passages from her histories that always intrigued her.

"You're a Zora," Tetra said to the ghost in disbelief. The apparition smiled and gestured for the pair to sit down. Niko immediately dropped to the ground, still staring. Tetra sat more slowly but did not take her eyes off the spirit.

"You are truly wise Princess," the ghost said, "I was LaRuto, I too was once a Sage in years past." And she sat down nearby. "I have information for you."

"About the shadow?"


"Wouldn't it be better if you told Medli?" Tetra asked

"She has already been made aware." LaRuto said.

"Oh." Tetra waited for the ghost to continue but when she said nothing Tetra added, "Alright then, you have information, then bring it on."

Tetra did not realize what this entailed and froze as the ghost of the former Sage approached her and settled on top and within her. Like the ocean Tetra loved, the Sage's thoughts were fluid, calm and easy to understand. Much like the current Sage of Earth, LaRuto was sea of calm amidst the turmoil around her. Tetra shook her head, when she realized she could hear the Ritos as they talked. Medli turned around and her eyes went a little glassy as she recited a prophecy Tetra remembered though she'd last read it as a child. It was one of the most studied prophecies of those that abounded during the 'end times'.

Along with it came images and feelings of the young girl who had spoken the prophecy. Tetra knew very well the girl's overwhelming sadness and frustration at not being able to help her people. She felt it herself, for the knowledge she gained from the Triforce brought her more than just wisdom. It came with the memories of all that had borne it previously.

Now that child called to her and within her call came hope. That little girl had also borne the burden of Wisdom and she was trying to make Tetra remember something. Tetra knew it was there, the same as when she first found Link in that garden, but there was a wall between her and that realization and no matter how hard Tetra tried she could not breach it. LaRuto released her then and faced her.

"Princess, even as the magic unravels, the walls of your prison are strong. Your stubbornness and pride has helped make them thick." Tetra, surprised by the ghost's commanding tone, looked away. "You will have to tell the Wind Waker soon," the ghost said as she began to fade away. "To delay longer Princess will destroy you both."

Tetra stared at the spot vacated by the dead sage and looked back at the Ritos again in time to see them bow to Medli. She must have gotten them to agree, Tetra thought, and took a deep breath. Why was it so damn important? She intended to tell him, just not right now. Didn't she have enough to worry about without all this crap? She was further annoyed when she felt a tear in her eye. Tetra blinked it back as she got up with Niko close behind and in a flat voice said, "Let's get back to the boat."

Tetra, lost in her thoughts, let the princess guide them back out of the Earth Temple. She paid little attention to her surroundings and barely heard Niko when he said, "Miss?"


"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." Tetra said and she continued to walk. When they reached the boat, they climbed aboard and waited.


"What now Niko."

"What did the ghost lady mean when she said you had to tell Link..." Niko trailed off when she glared at him and he squirmed a little in his seat.

"I don't really care to talk about that right now, Niko." Tetra noticed his surprised look and realized her clothing had reverted back to 'normal'. She sighed and when she looked around again she knew they'd reached their destination. A small sunny patch of grass had replaced the barren beach of Headstone. Tetra looked up at the Forest Haven. In all her years of sailing the Great Sea, she'd never once visited this place. The rumors of sailors being 'lost' within the catacomb of tunnels were more than enough reason not to come to this place. She knew from Link, that within its walls, lived the Great Deku Tree, Forest Guardian and holder of Farore's Pearl. Tetra needed that pearl.

"What happened?" Niko asked, clearly confused.

"Guess we're still not in sync with regular time yet," Tetra said and noticed the moon it was now only three quarters full. "Come on let's go talk to the tree."

Mei and Kei together
Make the Perfect Shadow

Kei pulled herself together and walked the short distance to her brother's makeshift cell. When she entered he was sitting on the floor with his hat pulled down. The voices quieted to a dull murmur, as they always seemed to whenever Mei was near. Stupid hat, Kei knew she'd taken that from him on their arrival, she should have burned it. "I know you're awake Mei." He did not move or respond. "You can't fight it forever old man," she said with a sneer, "so why even try?"

"I will not return to shadow Delia," Al said in a flat tone. "Mei is dead."

She laughed, "You're wrong of course, I can feel the turmoil, and he's there just like I was waiting for his chance." Al still would not look up. "You know you want the magic. So bad you can taste it."


"Oh yes," she said and her smile widened. "Delia was foolish to let her talent go to waste all those years, but she can learn, with a little 'help'. You though, you embraced your talent whole-heartedly and made quite a reputation for yourself. All in all, it's a probably for the best the people you 'helped' never knew what you were really doing. But of course, you had Saimon with you and he's what really made that possible." Her speech was met with stony silence so Kei sat on the floor and held the pendant in front of him and said, "With Saimon gone and Senkyoku imprisoned the time of the awakening draws near. Come on brother, this is what we've always wanted. Real power, together you know we're stronger than Hito."

Al raised his head then to face her, "We can never be more than we were as children Delia."

"You're wrong."

"Am I?" Al said, "The Hero is coming. By imprisoning the Princess, you've put him on our trail and nothing will put off our destruction this time. We are no longer children to be pitied."

"You don't know that."

"I know it in my heart, Delia. His faith in the goddesses is strong and they will shelter and protect him. Hito made a grave mistake when he thought to use the Princess as a tool against that boy and I've a feeling you're also going to discover just how dangerous the Princess is, all on her own. I can tell by the look on your face that Hito has lost track of her just as he did then. The Triforce will aid them and we will be doomed. " Al pulled off his hat as he set it aside he reached over and lightly touched her hand. "Our time has passed and we have grown too far apart Delia, we are no longer what we were as children. We should go home, we don't belong here. I know that you too heard the melody. It's trying to pull our memories back together."

"What are you talking about?"

"We are missing so many parts of our past and of what we do remember, there's so much that doesn't fit. We believed for the longest time our father abandon us, it made us angry, it's what sent me off on that quest to find out the truth."

Kei did remember, she thought it a foolish waste of time, but Delia yearned for that answer. "What did you find?"


"You've lost me."

"Every time I came anywhere near some sort of answer, it would slip away. As if some great and overriding magic was working to keep the answer from me. Didn't you ever wonder where Saimon and Senkyoku came from?"

"What difference does it make they are both gone now," Kei said as she gripped the pendant harder.

"I suppose your right," Al said, "but something about all this isn't what we think it is."

"You think to much, Mei."

"So I've been told."

The loud squawk of a seagull outside the window caused them both to look up. Kei could also see her arguments were getting her nowhere, so she switched to a different tack, "We'll be rewarded in the end, all that we were promised then, and more."

"I've already been rewarded with a long and prosperous life Delia, the promised power and riches do not hold the same allure for me as they once did."

"Why are you are so stubborn!" she shouted at him in frustration. She got up and walked toward the window. "I wanted to make this easy for you, but I can see you intend to be difficult. I promised Hito your help, and I will have it whether you choose to cooperate or not."

She picked at some loose mortar near the bars but stopped when he said, "He doesn't love you."

"What?" she said turning back toward him.

"Hito," Al said with remembered sadness, "He cannot love anyone."

She smacked him hard across the face and felt her eye start to twitch again, "Don't ever say that again."

Al reached up and dabbed at the blood that was now seeping from his split lip. "Unlike some I have never lied to you Delia, and I never will."

"You should have left when you could old man," Kei said in a hiss and with a sweeping gesture caused a field of raw energy to appear around the room. "Look familiar? I cooked this one up just for you." She turned and the energy parted enough for her to walk through. The door, she left open, to remind him just how trapped he was.

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