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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 35: Chapter 34: Fairy Woods

Well, what do you know? I finally managed to edit this chapter. Yes exactly, so here we go back to Outset. Keep in mind, I do not view any character as being two dimensional and go to great pains to make sure I do not show them as such.

From here on out the time streams I've laid out will start to collide at odd and seemingly random times...If you haven't read the previous chapters this will most certainly cause a great deal of confusion. So, once again I apologize in advance... As always, Readers: have at it and remember, this is for your own good… Reviewers: Thanks squared madiboo

(No really this will hurt you, more than it will hurt me cause I don't own a thing.)

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Chapter 34
Fairy Woods

Gonzo stood up and put Aryll's letter in his pocket, he rounded the table and met Senza in the hall. The other handed him a knife and short sword, which Gonzo belted in place as he walked toward the steps. On deck, the pirates were assembled as he had requested all were armed and ready. He pointed to the last five in line.

"You five, secure the decks and see to it no one goes below without the password."

They nodded and took up their posts. Gonzo nodded to the others and they all walked down the gangplank to the dock. There an irate young woman stopped them.

"Hey there, you're not wanted here, so why don't you climb back on your boat and shove off," she said angrily.

Gonzo looked past the woman and saw Abe was standing a little off to the left of the group. Abe was Zill's father as well as Link's cousin. His face showed the exhaustion that everyone on the little island of Outset were feeling. The tension in the air was palpable, but when Gonzo returned his gaze to the woman in front of him, he saw the grief in her eyes and thought of Aryll. Gonzo paused as he remembered these were the people she loved, and no matter what he was feeling he'd better not upset them anymore than they already were.

"I was grieved to hear of your Grandfather's passing Miss Sue Belle," Gonzo said after a moments thought. He noted the confusion in Sue Belle's eyes; she obviously was expecting a yelling match. "We've come here to find out what happened to Grandmother Namaki and Master Orca, I also have two crewmates who are currently among the missing."

"It was Link!" Sue Belle spat, "He did something to them, just like my Grandfather! I know it!

"Hold on now," Gonzo said and raised his voice only slightly, "you can't really believe that Link would purposely try to harm any of you."

"Well he did! And he killed my Grandfather!"

There was a murmur of assent from the group behind her and Gonzo frowned. Senza leaned closer to him and whispered in his ear, "There's no talking to that one." Gonzo only nodded.

"Well I don't believe it. Link has always had the highest respect for your Grandfather."

"Respect? You would say that, why I wouldn't be surprised if you and your crew weren't somehow involved."

Gonzo regarded her for a moment. Why was she going out of her way to anger him? It must have shown in his face when he looked directly at her, because determined or no, she took a small step back. While Gonzo hadn't had many reasons to speak with Sue Belle in the past, he couldn't say he knew her as more than an acquaintance. Still, she stood defiantly in his way, her long dark hair tied behind her, hands on her hips and a look of resentment that distorted her once calm features. Sue Belle was taking the death of her Grandfather pretty hard, but with everything he'd gone through in the last three days, Gonzo was not inclined to feel much pity for the woman. Her grief had made her unreasonable and he felt himself losing patience.

"I don't know myself all of what's been going on here, but there's more than you think behind whatever's happened on this island in the last few days. I myself need some answers and I have no plans to leave this island without them," Gonzo said and started walking again. He continued forward and the rest of the pirates followed, this disrupted the group still assembled near the end of the gangplank.

Gonzo went up the beach and approached Abe who continued to stand and silently watch the proceedings. His expression was unreadable, and though Gonzo had a feeling Abe felt the way he did, it could be hard to tell how people could react if they were frightened. Gonzo looked past the man when he heard the bushes up the hill rustle a little. A tuft of red hair was momentarily visible in the foliage and Gonzo knew that Zill was hiding in the bushes to get a better view of the goings on. Guess he didn't make it all the way home after leaving the ship. His attention returned to the man I front of him.

"Abe," Gonzo said by way of greeting.

"Gonzo," Abe replied in his soft baritone voice.

"We aren't here to make trouble, we just want to find our crew mates. I understand Zill saw them head up the cliffs."

"Did he?" Abe asked and he snorted. "Well that explains some things." A loud squawk from the bushes drew both men's attention to the rustling foliage and Abe shook his head. "I swear that boy's gonna be the death of me," he said with a grim smile. "Come on up to the house it's close to lunch and it's been a very busy day."

They started up the hill but stopped when Sue Belle cried out, "How can you do that?" and pushed her way through the pirates to stand with her arms crossed in front of them.

"Do what?" Abe asked evenly.

Gonzo saw the pair were already at odds and his eyes flicked to Sue Belle as she said acridly, "Invite that murder's friends into your home? But what else should I expect from his kin?"

Abe's face darkened, he was angry but the tenor of his voice was still sympathetic when he said, "Sue Belle, I understand your upset, but I will not have you wandering the island ranting that Link is a murderer." When Sue Belle opened her mouth to say something else Abe held up a hand and looked at her very intently. Her eyes dropped to the ground and just as quietly as before Abe said, "Sue Belle, we all loved your Grandfather, he was a good man and the best teacher our children could ask for, but if you keep this up you'll destroy what's left of the peace on this island. You do your Grandfather's memory dishonor by acting this way." Abe gestured toward her home and Sue Belle turned her face from him, somewhat stunned by the rebuke. "I believe there are a few things you need to attend to if we are to have things ready for the ceremony tomorrow evening."

Gonzo saw the fresh tears in her eyes as she hesitated for a moment longer, all the fight seemingly gone; she turned and began to walk slowly away.

"Miss Sue Belle?" All heads turned to see a boy trying to break free of the cover of the bushes. "Miss Sue Belle? Gah!" the boy cried again as he fell head long out of the bush. Once he managed his escape he called to her again and Gonzo noticed he still had that seagull tucked under his arm. Sue Belle looked at him and scowled anew as Zill ran up and said breathlessly as he held out the bird to her, "I'm supposed to give you this...I mean, him."

Sue Belle looked at the seagull for a moment and asked, "What on earth am I supposed to do with this?"

"I dunno, but Jake said you needed each other, so...."

She hesitated at the mention of the seagull's name.

"Jake said that?"

Zill nodded and Sue Belle stared at the bird for a few moments. He was old and clearly couldn't fly.

"Is this some kind of joke Zill?"

"No Miss," Zill said and his eyes went wide at the accusation. "He asked me to bring him to you so I am."

With an uncertain frown Sue Belle reached over and took the bird from him and she said with consternation, "Jake, huh?"

Again, the boy nodded and this surprised Gonzo; exactly how many of these islanders could speak to those damned gulls? Sue Belle turned the bird around and looked into its eyes. It crooned to her and a weak smile crept onto her face. It not only replaced her frown but she looked much calmer.

"He's so old," Sue Belle murmured to herself. "I guess it will be alright." The bird crooned again and Sue Belle looked down at the boy. "Thank you, Zill."

The boy blushed when she knelt down and hugged him and Gonzo wasn't sure but he thought he heard the boy whisper back to her, "I think he can talk too." Sue Belle's small smile grew a little more and she thanked him again and started toward her home. The rest of the islanders began to move away from the scene, with their leader heading home, they all did the same, and soon it was just the pirates, Abe and Zill on the beach.

"That was a fine thing you did, Son," Abe said and Zill turned back to his father and Gonzo. "Come on, then boy. I think you should start from the part where my pocketknife went missing, don't you?"

The boy blinked and Gonzo saw from the change in the boy's expression, that he knew he had some explaining to do. Zill nodded a little nervously and began his tale again as his father put his arm around the boy's shoulder and guided his youngest son up the hill. Gonzo having already heard it, let his attention shift to the cliffs again. The bridge was almost back up. Good, he thought, he wanted to get up there before nightfall.

They reached Abe's house in short order but only Gonzo, Senza, and Nudge went inside. The rest spread out under the few trees that were around to get out of the afternoon sun. Rose Namaki made lunch as she listened to her son detail out what he'd already done that day. Gonzo's attention wandered again and he looked out the window, something flew quickly past it, but Gonzo couldn't tell what it was so he dismissed it and returned his attention to the conversation at the small table.

"...a boy? You're sure about that?" Abe asked his son in disbelief.

"Yeah, Dad," Zill said and took another bite of the sandwich his mother had placed in front of him. "I know what a boy looks like," Zill mumbled through his sandwich.

"Don't talk to your Father that way young man," his Mother admonished from across the table, "and please don't talk with food in your mouth."

"Yesh, mam," Zill said with more of the sandwich in his mouth. Gonzo smiled, Abe was going have his hands full when that one was a few years older. "Jake said he would teach me to use his swords, for helping him. Is that alright Dad?"

Abe raised and eyebrow, but his expression was blank as he gave the answer all parents did when they didn't feel like answering a question right away. Abe looked helplessly at his wife, who smiled and shook her head.

"We'll see, Zill and now that you've managed to choke down that sandwich, go find your brother we'll need him if we're going to make a proper search of the Fairy Wood."

"Can I come too?"

Abe opened his mouth to answer, but Rose spoke up first, "Absolutely not young man."

"Awww, but Mom," the boy whined, "Just this once..." She raised and eyebrow and Gonzo saw the boy's face crumble into despair. "Geez..."

Zill got up then and walked to the door and stopped when his Father said, "Make sure you come right back, we want to get started before sundown."

The boy mumbled a dejected, "Yes sir," and was out the door.

Again, something caught Gonzo's eye through the window, curious he walked over to it and looked outside. Strange, he thought, he could have sworn he saw something. Gonzo shrugged and sat back at the table, Senza and Nudge were talking quietly, while Rose and Abe laughed about something. He remembered Aryll's letter and pulled it out of his pocket. On the envelope, Gonzo noticed the Rito symbol for undeliverable mail and that made him wonder when she posted it. Presumably, Zill would be gone for a few minutes, so Gonzo opened the letter, took a deep breath, and pulled it out. As he read the carefully written letters, Gonzo could hear Aryll's voice in his head.

Hoy Gonzo!

I got your letter. That poem you wrote was so romantic. I never would have guessed you had it in you. Whomever the girl is you wrote that for will just be swept away. (Do I know her?) And yes, you spelled all the words right! I heard you might be coming to Outset for Zill's party, if you are that's great! We can get caught up then.

Anyway, the strangest thing happened the other day while I was at the coffee bar. I heard a couple of sailors talking to this creepy guy. Of course, I was close enough that I could listen (not that I would ever eavesdrop ha ha) and what were they were talking about? Yep, you guessed it, Link. Well I think they were talking about him, Mr. Pasty face kept mumbling that he had to find the Hero. But he was sooooo nasty, (I don't now how those two managed to stay that close to him.)

I'll be back home for the party (I hope so anyway, Miss Marie still has some lessons for me, bleh. I'd better get started on them if I want to make it home in time) but if you see Link first let him know about that guy, okay? There was something not right about him.

Link also tells me Tetra's ticked off at him again; I wonder what my adorable big brother said this time? Maybe we should change his title to Hero
full of Wind ha ha ha ha ha. You'd think he'd have learned by now. Say hoy to the others for me, hope to see you all soon,

PS. Is Tetra feeling alright? She looked positively awful when you guys left for Great Fish. (Hope it's not the flu.)

Gonzo re-read the letter several times then carefully folded it and put it away. He reached into another of his pockets. The item he was expecting to find was not there and Senza glanced at him. The first mate noticed his startled expression and gave him a questioning look. Gonzo waved it off and the large sailor returned his attention to their companion. Gonzo thought about the puzzle of the letter, it was the same one Jasper brought just after they left Great Fish. It was the reason he wrote that letter to Link before their first Octo battle about the pasty faced little man. Thoughts of the gull made him wonder where Jasper was; Gonzo planned to ask that one a few question if she/he ever did show up again. Too many unanswered questions.

When Zill returned with his brother they got up and headed out. Abe and Joel grabbed a pair of walking sticks that were set next to the door and everyone walked down the path to the causeway. Joel, at sixteen, was nearly as tall as his father and bore a striking resemblance to him. When they were almost to the top of the cliff path, Gonzo lost in thought had his attention pulled back when something, again, flew past him, and up. Eyes drawn upward, he scowled and shouted to the other pirates, "CIRCLE UP WE'VE GOT MINI'S AT TEN OCLOCK!"

The pirates immediately circled the islanders and drew their weapons as miniblins began to drop from the heights above. The air was soon choked with an acrid smoke left behind whenever one of the murderous little rats was taken out.

"MOVE IT UP THE PATH!" Gonzo shouted and they did, but with all the minis about, Gonzo lost track of Abe and the other islanders. When one landed on his head, he cursed and was surprised when Joel brought that walking stick up in a well-practiced arc and knocked it off him. Gonzo nodded his thanks to the young man as he removed it and another few from the area.

"Where the hell did these come from?" Senza yelled to him as he reached back and pulled one off his back. It thud when it hit the ground and Senza ran it through with his sword.

"I don't know!" Gonzo yelled back coughing a little from all the smoke, "but make sure we get them all, I don't want any of the pests to be around to annoy anyone later!"

Once the group neared the top of the cliff pass, the mini's stopped coming and Gonzo paused to take stock of the situation. As the last puffs of smoke cleared out, Abe pointed toward the fairy wood and said, "It looks like we have more trouble."

Gonzo looked to the opposite cliff and saw several kargaroks circling the wood. Someone didn't want them nosing around over there. Noticing the sun was getting lower in the sky, Gonzo cursed. The fight with the miniblins had take far longer than he'd realized and it would be getting dark soon. He frowned and came to a quick decision, come hell or high water he wasn't stopping now.

"It's too dangerous for everyone to go now." Gonzo said.

Goddesses only knows what will happen if they left the village without protection.

"What do you suggest then?" Abe asked as he leaned tiredly on his staff. "You plan on going."

It wasn't a question and Gonzo nodded and said, "Yes I do, but I won't be bringing you along, you have a wife and family to worry about, we're just a bunch of motley pirates."

Abe looked at his oldest son who only nodded. "Well I could use a bit of a rest, but Joel would like to tag along."

"No way," Gonzo said flatly.

"Don't worry pirate, he can take care of himself," Abe snorted, "Link isn't the only one on the island trained by Master Orca."

Gonzo couldn't argue with that, his father always said he would rather face a man with a sword, than a farmer with a stick and the knowledge of how to use it any day. He nodded to the boy, who did not smile, but rather fell in with the pirates.

"We'll head back and set up a watch. I just hope Sue Belle stays inside tonight, I don't think I can take another argument with that one," Abe said and he and older men started back down the path toward the village.

On the other side of the rope bridge, they paused only for a moment, then headed through the cave into the already dimly lit forest grove. After breaking up into smaller parties, they started their search. Gonzo sent Joel and a few of his men over a small hill, while he, Senza and Nudge searched the area closer to the Great Fairy's Fountain. Gonzo scaled the short ledge and looked down the hole. Always black as pitch, he thought and looked back at the others.

"I'm gonna head down and collect a few more fairies," he said. His companions nodded and continued their search further into the woods.

Gonzo stepped into the hole but was surprised by the gentle landing below. After he stepped out of the portal's ring of stones he looked back and remarked to himself, "No wonder Link jumps down every hole he sees." He noticed how his voice echoed, not only was it too damned quiet, it was colder than Ice Ring Island down here. Gonzo shivered and pulled the bottle out of his pocket, just as he neared the edge of the pool something zipped past him again and he stopped and looked around.

Finding nothing, he looked back at the pool and raised an eyebrow when he saw the health fairies motionless over the water. They looked frozen in place and he knelt down and reached out to touch one. As he did, something smacked squarely into his forehead and he was knocked backward as he fumbled with the bottle.

"Please do not go near the water again, Captain." a small voice said from the shadows.

Gonzo knew he'd heard that voice before, but where?

"Why not?" he asked as he examined the darkness above him for the source.

"You will suffer the same fate as my sisters."

Sisters is it now? He recognized the voice now.

"Why are you here tekuragari?" Gonzo did not hide the anger in his voice, "I thought I left you on Ice Ring?"

His questions were followed by a shaky, "I mean you no harm Captain." then silence.

Gonzo looked back at the frozen water and frowned. If it were some sort of trick why bother stopping him from touching the fairy and becoming an icicle himself?

"If you mean me no harm why are you lurking in the shadows?" Gonzo asked and strained harder to see into the darkness above him. Still he was met with only silence and his thoughts turned to Aryll and he said angrily, "You dole out death to the best among us, without regret..." again silence, even more irritated he shouted, "Tell me why you're really here and be quick about it I'm running out of patience, shadow spawn!

Another shorter silence was followed by; "I was sent by the Guardians to find you."

"Guardians?" That gave him pause; it was not an answer he was expecting. He knew the legends his father had made sure of it. Still the reply made little sense and Gonzo needed answers so asked, "And what would they want with the likes of me?"

"I do not know, Captain."

As the fairy spoke, Gonzo was better able to narrow down where the tekuragari might be hidden.

"The white one says it is the only way to find my purpose."

"I thought your purpose was to aid the shadow," Gonzo said to the still hidden fairy. Again, silence.

"I have forsaken the shadow," she said as she fluttered down and Kageri hovered in front of him, but she maintained her distance just out of reach. Gonzo realized this must be true for she had not a bit of the glowy essence that a fairy of her type should have.

"What's your true name fairy?"


"No!" Gonzo shouted angrily, "Not the name you carried as a daemon spawn!"

"I have no other."

"Well you do now, Nazo," and Gonzo thought he must be going nuts, "and if you intend to stay with me get used to it."

"Yes Captain," the fairy said still sounding dejected, but Gonzo didn't really care all that much, just one more puzzle this ever deepening sea of confusion. Jasper must have known what she was. It was a complete mystery why the gull would bring something to Aryll that was so obviously dangerous. A better question, why wasn't he just squishing the little pest out of existence? Gonzo rubbed his face in frustration and headed back to the portal.

"Why do I get the feeling I am gonna regret this."

He stepped into the portal's magic and felt himself leave the ground; it was sort of like flying, and that part of him that had yearned for that as a child spoke to him once more. He brushed it aside as he was set lightly down by the portal's magic. He looked around, and was startled as he realized the normally dark woods were awash in bright sunlight.

While he new he was no longer in the Fairy Wood, he also felt he was closer to his answers. He looked and saw a rough little house set back in the trees. He examined it carefully and noted a small wisp of smoke as it escaped the chimney and he thought, there were people living there.

"Alright, come on Nazo, lets go see if anybody's home."

The fairy flew on ahead and would intermittently fly back as he trudged toward the house. He raised his hand to knock but stopped when the door unexpectedly flew open and Mako said with a snarl, knife in his hand; "Die! Daemon Filth!" and lunged forward with all his might.


Makar felt the Tower tremble; he took it as an indication that they should go. There was still no sign of the Earth Sage, but the clouds and the wind were right. So, he gathered up Nagori and together they flew to the southwest side of the Tower. The little fairy's information had been right. It was especially windy on this side. Makar landed on some rocks and pulled out his bow. Makar first played his special lullaby, and soon all the kargaroks nearby were dozing quietly in their nests. He looked at the little fairy and asked, "Are you ready little one?"

"Yes, Wind Sage," she giggled with excitement.

"Good, grab hold of my leaf, for I do not wish you to be blown away."

Nagori nodded as she giggled some more and Makar sighed, Young ones, he thought. He steadied his bow and now played the Ode to the Winds. The music slipped over the water like a gentle breeze and Makar gripped his bow tighter as he felt the firsts wisps of his magic at work. When the wind hit, it propelled him and his passenger up the side of the Tower at frightening speed. He hoped the fairy was able to hold on, it was all Makar could do to keep his concentration focused on his propeller. He couldn't afford to lose control now or he'd be thrown past the top and into the ocean on the other side. He angled it as he neared the top and as he passed the ledge on the top, his propeller failed and Makar started to fall. He knew he'd used all of his magical energy keeping himself from slamming into the Tower on the way up.

"Ooooooo!" Makar cried just before he smacked into the large bell. It clanged dully, and Makar fell unconscious toward the floor below.


Medli and Komali made steady progress toward the area where the Tower should be all that afternoon. With no sign of the giant structure in sight, Medli began to worry. She chided herself to have more faith in the Goddesses and as the sun began to set, the Tower that had been missing, appeared quite suddenly and both had to pull up quickly or they would have smacked into the wall that had materialized in front of them.

When Medli heard the kargaroks nesting all around them, she thought to herself, Gods, not again. The pair started for the top of the Tower, but as they did Medli thought she heard Makar's violin. The music stopped and everything got deathly quiet as she no longer heard any of the kargaroks. The music started up again and Medli realized it was a song she’d never heard before. It too stopped and she and Komali were almost knocked out of the air by the force of the wind that now assaulted them. A dull clang echoed from somewhere above them and she saw Komali straining as he crested the Tower. Medli followed and paused as she reached the top.

It was near and Medli shuddered when she felt it. The wrongness, the creepy, greasiness that she had felt in the Earth Temple...the Shadow was close. Komali pulled at her arm as she landed and together they ran toward the base of the bell tower. Finding the little Wind Sage unconscious, Medli gathered him up and indicated to Komali that they needed to get to the top of the bell tower. Komali grabbed Makar's bow from the ground, and flew up to where she waited. Seeing the near panic in her eyes, he looked around. In the northern skies, dark clouds roiled as they approached the Tower with alarming speed.

"We have to get down from here," Komali shouted over the now howling wind.

"No, don't move, don't breathe or it will find us." She was surprised when he didn't to argue. Instead, he nodded and they flattened themselves and waited. Medli shut her eyes and prayed fervently to the Goddesses for protection from the nightmare as it passed the Tower and headed south.


Under the cover of darkness, Jasper flew into the pirate ship though the open window of the cabin and lighted gently next to the bed. When the young man saw the still figure on the bed, he drew closer and slowly pulled the blanket back. Aryll's face was calm, as if asleep and Jasper gently brushed the hair from her face. It has come already? he wondered.

"So zees ees why my brosser left me to deal with zee chadow by myzelf," he said to the girl who did not answer, "Leetle kotori, had I known zat crystal would do zees, I would haf dropped it in zee ocean myzelf." Jasper sat with her for a while and wondered about the fairy that had given him the crystal to begin with. What was she up to? He’d been drawn to the Tower by her singing, it reminded him of happier times so long ago. Something about her was so familiar to him that he had trusted her almost instantly.

If Aryll had been called so young, that meant the fourth would soon follow. Things were coming to a head quickly, and he knew now what he needed to do. Ever so gently, Jasper lifted Aryll from the bed and made his way off the ship. He passed several of the pirates on guard but none moved or gave him a glance. Unless they truly believed he existed at all they would not see or hear him if he did not wish it to be so. So few believed that the Guardians existed, he had little trouble making his way down the gangplank and over to the opening to the labyrinth. Jasper thought his passing had gone completely unnoticed and preoccupied he did not see the boy who hid himself in the bushes to watch for monsters.


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