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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 48: Chapter 47: Bindings Broken

So you’re probably asking yourself – WHY???? or not – Yes this took much longer to write than I thought…it doesn’t help I’ve started seriously writing an original piece of fantasy fiction. If you're curious you can find it at fictionpress – I will be posting it there with the same pen name

We are one chapter away form the end of it all, hard to believe I know, but it was bound to happen eventually. There are a few characters that I've let wander for a bit – so I’d best check on their whereabouts and the next chapter really will be the last and hopefully won't take as long to write. If I ever complete the epilogue I will post it - I just dunno. I have also stuffed mondo amounts of information in this so heads up for seriously cheesy and over dramatic dialogue…

As always I do appreciate your taking the time to read and I hope you enjoy. To all who spend the extra few moments to comment, you have my most heartfelt thanks.

Chapter 47
Bindings Broken

Hito laughed as the staff bounced uselessly off the shield he threw between them. The rebound caused Mei to momentarily lose his footing as Hito snatched his staff from under his foot. The old man however did not back off as Hito thought he would. Perhaps Mei no longer feared his childhood nightmare as he claimed, but it amused the shadow as the old man set his stance and waited. Hito rose from the floor and dusted himself off, ignoring the buzzing in his ears; he was low on energy and knew it was a good bet the Sages would find their way here sooner and not later. They meant to try and seal him away again. One way to remedy that, the Shadow thought.

Mei was a well of strength that Hito never drew from and with Kei around there never was a need. There was something a little too similar about the inherent nature of his own magic and the creature that was Mei. Still the amount of magic the old man possessed would make dealing with the Sages that much easier. Hito just needed to find a way to get the old man to unleash it on him. "So it's to be a fight to the death then? You cannot win this battle, Mei, but as I told your sister, you will have your uses."

"You'll never use me or my sister again, Sarith, I know what you really are." Mei said readied his weapon.

Hito let the barest of smile slide onto his face and asked, "Do you?" The Shadow felt the intensity of the old man's hatred and reveled in it, but resisted the urge to take control of Mei. Hito needed the old man's anger to reach its peak. Only then, would Mei be ready, only then could the Shadow drop the used up shell that was Sarith. Hito launched himself at Mei and shouted, "Then you won't mind if I test that knowledge!"


Kaepora arrived at the Tower of the Gods as monsters of all sorts spilled out on to the rooftop. Shifting form to a much smaller bird, he was confident he would be easily overlooked by the moblins and other creatures now forming a circle around two men at the center of rooftop. The raven landed atop a doorsill and saw below the limp figure of a woman tucked away in a shallow alcove. Landing next to her the raven twisted it head upside down to get a better look. Her face was a mass of bruises and the raven was careful as it poked the woman's nose with his beak. Her eyes fluttered for a moment and closed again.

Looking left, the raven spotted a second form through the legs of the monsters closest to him. He hopped to the outer wall and flew along it until he reached a ledge nearby. The unconscious Rito he found, he recognized as Komali, the Rito Prince and if he was here then it was a good bet the sages were nearby. Kaepora looked around but did not see them.

When a second raven joined him, Kaepora squawked in surprise. She cawed at him and flew off through the entryway to the grand staircase leading to the rooftop. When she disappeared around the bend Kaepora followed and pulled up short reverting back to his true form on the small landing in front of the girl that now stood in the raven's place.

He stared down at her as Gonzo identified the person in front of him. A wave of relief at finding her alive left him speechless.

"Hello Kaepora, it's good to see you again," she said with a tilt of her head.
"Kotori?" Kaepora asked in a whisper.

She smiled and nodded then said, "The Sages are here, I believe near the bell tower. Do you have the health fairies?"

"Uh yes," he managed to get out. He fumbled with the bag they were in and pulled out three bottles. Kotori took one and put it in her pack.

"Good. I think it will be best if I deal with Delia, you should help the Rito Prince." She moved past him up the staircase and turned back when she was eye level with him and said, "In case the Captain was wondering, Aryll says she knows now why he wrote the poem..."

The girl that had been Aryll leaned forward and kissed him and Kaepora blinked and said nothing, he just stared at her. The pirate within him laughed and Kaepora found himself smiling like an idiot.

"Good luck," she said and the girl disappeared. The raven now in her place took off back toward the rooftop and Keapora took on the form of a bokoblin and headed out as well.


As Link opened his eyes, he heard the latch of a door click shut nearby and was surprised to find himself in Tetra's cabin aboard the pirate ship. Though his Grandmother told him she was able to ‘send' him on his way, she couldn't send him and the Princess at the same time. In fact, she wasn't even sure how far she could reach so Link opted to go first. He almost couldn't believe his luck when he saw Zill asleep on the bed and thought perhaps his Grandmother sent him here on purpose. Link wondered again as a green ball of light flew up into his face. He smiled and said, "Tingle, I'm glad to see you're settling in. Is it everything you'd hoped it would be?" Tingle flashed again and Link stifled a laugh. "Is that so, well just remember I'm counting on you to look after Zill."

The fairy flashed and Link cocked an eyebrow as he ran a hand over the beard on his chin. He'd forgotten about that, his grandmother must have noticed it...of course they'd been talking about something else all together. He wondered briefly if he should bother to shave it off, but decided it would be fun to see the Shadow's reaction to it. Tingle flashed again and now Link frowned when he looked at the door. His sons and the two other fairies were on board, most likely without the kagenmi. That meant Chiyuu most likely talked to Lien, but Link really had no way to warn them of the situation surrounding his name. A moment later, the princess appeared next to him, she was pale and wavered a little where she stood so Link steadied her as she regained her composure.

"Better?" he asked.

"Yes, thank you. Don't worry I'll be alright soon," she replied.

"I do worry, more because I feel like your current situation is my fault, but I need to talk to Zill undisturbed. How long can you give me?"

The Princess drew in a deep breath and said, "Ten minutes, no more."

Link nodded and returned his attention to the boy sleeping on the bunk behind him. As he moved nearer to wake him, Tingle once again flew in front of Link and flashed. "Yes, I know he's tired," Link said, "but I need to give him something and I'm afraid it can't wait, Tingle." The fairy flashed again but moved out of the way and Link shook the boy. Zill reluctantly opened one eye then closed it again so Link shook him again. This time Zill started awake and from his expression he looked about to scream, so when Zill opened his mouth, Link promptly covered it with his hand.

Pulling the boy close, Link whispered, "Yes, it's me but whatever you do, don't say my name around the Princess. It's important but I don't have time to explain it right now, so just work with me on this one." Zill's eyes flicked to the Princess as he nodded so Link lowered his hand. The boy took a deep breath and erupted into a steady stream of questions.

"Did you know I met two Guardians? They both looked like you, but one was just a kid and the other was grown. Why do they talk with that weird accent? How did you get on the ship? You look older for some reason...must be the beard. Why do you have a beard now, you didn't have one yesterday...Oh! Does that mean-"

Link was ever amazed by Zill's curiosity but he didn't have time to answer questions so Link put his hand back over Zill's mouth to stem the flow.
"More listening, less talking, Zill," Link said. The boy nodded and when Link lowered his hand this time, Zill sat quietly and waited.

"Seven minutes, Hero," the Princess said behind him.

"I don't have a lot of time to explain everything that's about to happen, or at least what I hope will happen...Actually I have no idea what will happen. Things have a funny way of going wrong but I want you to be as prepared as possible." Zill's face took on a worried expression even as he nodded. "There's a bit of a prophecy I want you to think on. It may help you figure out some things when you need to, okay?"

Zill scratched his head and his look of worry changed to fear, and he asked, "Alright, but what do I do with it?"

"I'm don't know but like I said, you'll figure it."

"What do you mean I'll figure it out? I don't know what's happening to begin with! I'm no hero, I'm only wearing the tunic cause I'm supposed to!"

Zill's voice was rising again with every word and Link said, "Calm down, Zill, just take a deep breath. I know this is hard, but it'll work out."

"I can't calm down, there's gotta be a mistake, uhh- " Zill stopped himself from saying ‘Link' but it was obvious his nerves were shot as he continued, "Why would they pick me? Joel's a lot older and he at least can use a weapon, I can't even swing a stick without hurting myself!"

"I can only guess why the Goddesses chose you, Zill. Maybe it is because we're related, maybe your faith is just a little bit stronger, maybe what's coming is something your brother wouldn't be able to handle."

What Zill said next took Link completely by surprise, "This is happening because of what happened with the bokoblins, right?"

While Link was inclined to agree with Zill's assessment he only replied, "Like I said, you'll figure it out. Now listen closely, these are the lines that you'll need; Times sage will free the memory bound by departed hope. To protect the future, rescue expectation and pass the tests of loss, grief, and sacrifice...have you got that?"

Link could tell Zill was already gathering the pieces together in his head, but the look of apprehension was still there. The Hero of the Winds took a deep breath; he understood his young cousin's predicament. It was the same choice Link faced when his sister was kidnapped. How far can I go, and will it be enough, but whatever realization Zill came to, it was clear he was still unconvinced and Zill frowned.

"I'm guessing there's a choice that will need to be made, one I won't be able to make for myself and in a way I'm glad you're the one who'll be making it. You listen to those whispered voices in your head."

"How am I going to make a choice for you? You're the Hero, I'm just a kid."

"So was I once, but it's not the fighting that makes the hero, Zill, but what's in your heart and mind. Anyone can swing a sword, but you can put information together faster than anyone I've ever met and maybe that what's needed more than just being able to beat the crap out of whatever comes along. Now don't worry, it'll all turn out. The Princess will remain with you and bring you to the Tower."

"You're leaving?"

Link nodded. "Make sure you remember what I said about the other thing."

"Three minutes."

Link glanced back at the Princess and nodded. When he returned his attention to Zill, he hesitated. While he and Tetra worked out some very detailed plans, there were a few things he'd set in motion on his own that he never told her about. Simply because he knew she would never have agreed to it. Link was not entirely sure this part of what he'd planned would even work, but it was too late to turn back now.

"Zill, there is one more thing I need to give you. No one must know you have it, no one, not even the Guardians. Keep it safe and in turn it will help keep you from harm..."

"But what if I don't figure it out in time?"

"You will. Be brave and open you heart to those whispered voices. Believe in the talents you've been blessed with and you'll see your true path, but my time is up and I have to go. I'm also afraid this may hurt...a lot."

Before Link could do anything else though, he felt that odd ripple in the air again. Turning toward the Princess, Link recognized the golden light he'd seen so many times before as it surrounded her. He also noticed everything around them including the fairy stopped moving. The Princess moved in front of him and Link could tell she was tapping into a different power other than her Sage's magic.

It was starting and perhaps that's why she stood before him now with a look of pain. Before the sun rose that day Tetra told him the time loop would enter it's final cycle and by the end of the day, the gate the trap opened, would be sealed. Tetra knew there was no way to stop the cycle once it was set in motion, not even the Sage of Time could do that. However, Tetra did find a way to slow it down, by changing her name she managed one more year in the past and a few extra hours after they'd returned. Now that reprieve was ending and Link felt the Triforce crest on his left hand burning, as was the scar on the same arm.

"Is something wrong, Princess?" he asked.

"Why does she remember you, when I cannot?"

"Who?" Link asked, he wasn't expecting this question and flexed his fingers in an effort to stretch the tightening skin on his hand.

"The one you remember. I can see it in your eyes; you remember her, but not me. I have to know why I cannot remember you properly. You are important to her...important enough that just the sound of your name is enough to make me waver in my purpose."

Link remained silent. Up until this moment he'd resigned himself to what must be done because whether he thought it was fair or not, was irrelevant to the Goddesses wishes. However, his resolve to stay silent was crumbling with every bit of recognition the Princess displayed and Link was no longer sure if he should tell her or just let it lie.

"Something about all this isn't right," the Princess whispered, "I can feel it in my heart, despite all your precautions. Please, you must tell me why."

Link barely held on to the last shreds of self-discipline as he struggled with his own need. His instincts shouted at him to maintain his distance but with each passing second that was getting harder to do. So Link Namaki remained silent and the Hero said simply, "She was my truest friend."

"Just a friend?" the Princess asked.

Link winced at the look of disappointment in her eyes as he forced himself to say ‘yes' in reply. All he could think of was pulling her close and letting her know it really would be all right. This was exactly what they'd planned but the incident on Outset showed him just how bad it would be if the Princess remembered the world before too soon or worse if she remembered him. Tetra realized the possibility of this happening even as they worked out the details and delayed her name change as long as she dared. Link, however, found ways to convince himself that that would never happen, even though in his heart, Link knew his rationale was flawed. His time with her was where it needed to be; in the past and as much as he loved her, he needed to get as far away from her as possible.

"It's time for me to go," Link said taking a step back to increase the distance between them. Remember your purpose: Do everything within your power to protect the Princess and allow no harm to touch her. He needed to leave, now, before the selfish wish growing in his heart further undermined his resolve.

The Princess drew a breath before nodding and returning her attention back to the boy on the bed. His face was caught in a startled expression and she asked, "Is he ready for this?"

"No, but he will be someday, so it's important that no real harm come to him. Two of the Guardians will help look after him." Link said and returned to where Zill sat. Link lifted his arm causing the scar there to throb even more and Link noticed the Princess absently rubbing hers. That's it then, best I let it go now, Link thought and he reached within himself and gently broke the now silent binding between them. The Princess flinched and Zill abruptly came back to life as Link turned the boy's left hand down and covering it with his own.

"What's going to hurt?" a nervous sounding Zill asked.

Everything, Link thought and he pulled out the kibou staff. Once he readied himself, he said to the Princess, "Do it now."


Saimon and Senkyoku flew ahead of Chiyuu and dove under the closed door of the cabin. The thin strip of golden light that shone around the edges of the door made Chiyuu pause as he reached for the latch. Zill let out a second shriek and the Guardian was startled in to action. Pushing the door open, Chiyuu came to a second halt when he saw Link surrounded by that golden aura along with Saimon and Senkyoku. Zill sat on the bed and cradled his left hand in the other while Tingle flew out from under the pillow.

Turning his head toward the Guardian, Link lifted his hand raising one finger and pulling his hand back, lifted a second. Chiyuu blinked and thought of the letter, one step forward...two back. Chiyuu nodded and was surprised when his father smiled and winked out of sight. The woman he now knew was his mother stood near the bed shimmering. She went briefly see thorough but snapped back to solidity when the golden radiance that enveloped her returned to her outstretched hand.

"Are you alright, Zill?" the Princess asked.

"Yes, Princess," Zill said, but winced as he lay down. Again, the golden light manifested when the Princess gently laid a hand on the boy's left arm and Zill's expression of pain eased.


Zill nodded and asked, "Princess?"

"Yes, Zill."

"What's your name? It must be more than just ‘Princess'."

"My name is Zelda."

"Princess the Princess of Destiny?"

"Yes, like her, but that's enough questions, Zill, sleep now, you'll need your strength," she said.

Chiyuu felt extremely uncomfortable when the Princess turned and fixed a stare on him. There was no recognition in her eyes as there had been in Link's. Chiyuu looked at the boy on the bed and wondered what made his cry out. His attention snapped back to his mother when she said, "Name yourself."

Taken aback by the question Chiyuu opened his mouth to answer, but Zill beat him to it.

"His name is Jasper," the boy said as he pushed himself deeper into the pillow. His eyes were drooping as he curled up and yawned. With a dreamy voice he said, "I met him on Outset last night. Did you know he can turn into a seagull? I think he has a brother named Jake...I wonder if..." Zill trailed off and after a second yawn was asleep.

Chiyuu wondered at the curious look of disappointment on his mother's face when she looked back at him. Chiyuu knew of the naming spell, but also knew few ever invoked it. The spell was designed to make people forget as well as remember at the same time. This was the magic he'd felt earlier, the magic that stripped the bindings put in place when he was four years old, unraveling with such force it sent him spiraling toward the sea. Now the roles were reversed and he remembered his mother, but she no longer remembered him. Chiyuu found this a strangely painful realization and wondered why his parents would take such a drastic step.

She surprised him again when she said, "Jasper is the name you hold as the Blue Guardian of the Realm. There is always a name beneath. So again, I ask you to name yourself. "

It was then that Lien's voice came unbidden to his mind.

"There is a danger when the blood of the Sages and that of the Knight's Line mix, Jasper. My brother cannot know you are not my sons."

His adoptive father's words nagged at him, so Chiyuu decided to keep his true name to himself and answered, "I was named Jasper after the Guardian I became, so mies name did note change, Jour Highness."

"Your name did not change?"

Chiyuu shook his head but by the way she ‘your' he wondered what she was thinking since she obviously didn't quite believe him. This was still Tetra he was dealing with, but she was using the persona of a past bearer for some reason. Perhaps it had something to do with the time loop. The Fairy Queen did say she was still caught within the cycle of days and the only other bearer he knew of that held the onus of Time's Sage and bearer of Wisdom was Zelda Harkinian, the Princess of Hyrule during the era of the Hero of Time. Her next question unnerved him even more.

"What was your father's name?"

This newly named person did not remember Link either, or if she did, she didn't or couldn't remember what had passed between them. Link's little reminder popped back into his head: One step forward...two back...and Chiyuu hoped he was doing the right thing when he responded, "Lien. Lien Namaki."


The blinding light and sensation of being folded up that always accompanied one of these magical shifts always left Link feeling like a piece of origami. He wondered what would happen if the transfer were interrupted as he gave his head a shake and took in his surroundings. Glowing blue lines on the floor and walls told him he landed in Ghodan's Chamber in the Tower of the Gods. He took a small step forward and paused when his eyes wandered down and noticed the angry red lines that appeared just in front of him. Link shuddered as he recalled the nasty shock he'd endured the last time he stepped on those lines and took two long steps back.

The emblems on the kibou staff lit up as well as a small portion of the inlayed script. The words flashed and Link realized he'd set off one of the three spells he'd never been able to completely translate. The brilliance faded and Link felt curiously insubstantial. An old memory Tetra once shared with him surfaced and Link realized, as he floated in the trees, this was the garden near Lien's home. Therefore, Link was not surprised to when the past Guardian turned up a few minutes later. With him were his sons and both were much older than Link remembered. Chiyuu appeared to eight years old, so Jinchi would be at least four.

Link watched as the boys went through a training of sorts, Chiyuu practiced with a bow while Jinchi ran about with a wooden sword. What surprised him was that Chiyuu was practicing magic as well. Loosing enchanted arrows into the makeshift target, Link watched as he sent off a fiery arrow, closely followed by an icy one.

It never occurred to him that the boys could wield magic, but realized just a quickly, of course they could; they were Tetra's son's and technically Princes of Hyrule. The session was interrupted when a third boy, Link assumed was Al, burst into the garden. The boy was at least ten and wore a look of extreme panic. He told Lien that Delia was missing and Al was afraid the he was back.

Lien managed to calm the boy down and sent him home to collect a few things. Al took off the way he'd come and Lien sent the other boys home as well. Pulling out the kibou staff that existed then, Lien touched another of the un-translated scripts and Link found himself back in the Tower of the Gods and jumped when he heard the Guardian's voice clearly in his head.

"I feel and recognize your presence, Link Namaki. When last we spoke, you asked me a question about my brother that I did not have an answer for. I do now, and created this spell to deliver my answer to you. That answer unfortunately, is Delia. Be wary of my daughter Wind Waker or she will be your undoing."

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